Childhood Cancer Epidemiology Group

Childhood Cancer Research Unit, Stockholm


To contact technical support regarding problems in the system, an erroranous registration or the need to update data use the information below. Support errands might for example be:

  • You've found a bug and want to report it so that we may have a look at it
  • You made a mistake when data were inserted, like a name or date and need help fixing it
  • You can't randomize even though you should be able to, or perhaps the randomization didn't work as intended
  • You can no longer access the registries
  • Your certificat isn't working
  • There are probably other inquiries don't be affraid to contact us


  • Childhood Cancer Research Unit
  • Tomtebodavägen 18A (floor 8)
  • 171 77 Stockholm (Solna)



If you have problem with your certificate or other issue

Click to send a issue to CCEG support


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